Using SEMS To Improve Sustainability and Get Certified


Sometimes the first thing we need to consider in tackling sustainability in event management is knowing what you need to know! The SEMS Tool holds your hand and takes you on a journey through all the aspects of event sustainability you may need to consider managing. If you don’t understand an aspect, just ask the SEMS Tool to explain.

SEMS gives you the tools you’ll need to become an event sustainability over achiever. 

Whether you wear your green on the inside or the out, we know the SEMS Tool will help you identify sustainability issues and give you the tools you need to mange them.

This guide helps you to understand how you can use the SEMS Tool to meet your sustainability goals, and to get ready to conform to standards and certifications.


The SEMS Tool covers all requirements of the standard and offers templates for the necessary procedure and process documentation. More than paperwork, it is the backbone of the management system the standard is asking you to implement.

The SEMS Tool includes: Organization, Office and Event.


  • Commitment & Resourcing
  • Reporting & Continual Improvement
  • Office: Building
  • Office: Power,Waste, Water
  • Office: Procurement, Business Travel
  • Measure: Energy & Waste Calculators


  • Planning
  • Messaging & Education
  • Communications
  • Destination
  • Venue & Accommodation
  • Local Environment
  • Local Community
  • Economic & Legacy
  • Procurement: Materials, Infrastructure
  • Procurement: Food & Beverage
  • Procurement: Print, Signage, Merch
  • Waste: Prevention
  • Waste: Segregation
  • Power: Conservation
  • Power: Renewable Supply
  • Water: Protect, Conserve, Supply
  • Transport: Attendee
  • Transport: Production
  • Measure: Waste, Water Calculators
  • Measure: Energy, Transport & GHGs


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